Ash, Abhi shower love on one another

Love was clearly visible in the life of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as they made an appearance at IIFA in Macau. The way the couple was showering love on one another, one would have the feeling that they are on a second honeymoon regardless that they are married for two years now.

As they walked the green carpet, they were closely attached with Ash holding Abhi’s hand greeting and exchanging pleasantries with fans who were screaming for autographs and a handshake. Ash playfully pulled off Abhi’s hand when sometime he takes too long chatting with the media.

Their love was felt at the award function too when on a thank you speech, Abhishek specially thanked his wife Ash in the following words, “Baby you’re the best” and he also dedicated the award to his lovely wife.

Ash was also not far behind to exhibit her love for hubby. While receiving the award for outstanding achievement by an Indian in global cinema, she thanked her family and said Abhi, “You’re the best husband”.

Love was sparking bright on both sides. During performance, Abhi got down from the stage, came to his wife and Ash too jumped with him in front of her seat. When Abhi broke down speaking about the excellence of his dad, Ash also emoted the same way. When he joked or laughed, the joy in Ash’s face was clearly viewed.

It shows that Ash and Abhi makes a perfect couple, intensely in love with one another.