Ash, Abhi share a special bond

Aishwarya flew all the way from Brazil where she was shooting for Shankar’s Robot with Rajinikanth to accompany hubby Abhishek to the special premiere of Drona. While speaking in an interview, Ash remarked that she and Abhi share a special bond and she identifies a lot with him.

"I admire him for his approach to work. He understands cinema so well that he is not afraid of taking risks. He stands by his family, friends all the time and because of this I identify a lot with him," Aishwarya said. "I know him for a very long time now. Together we have grown from actors to colleagues to friends and now we share a very special bond. It is definitely a nice feeling," she added.

Ash is looking forward to work again with Abhi in Mani Ratnam’s Ravana. Speaking about being with family at the unforgettable tour, she said, "I have done so many world tours, but this one was special because it was my first tour after marriage. We were there for work but when the family is together, work becomes fun.”

It’s nice to see Ash and Abhi blooming as a colleague and life partner.