Ash-Abhi nicknames their little angel

Abhishek Bachchan is on cloud nine as he became father of a cute angel. The Bachchans have not yet decided on the names of the cuttie but following Shahana Goswami’s suggestion, Abhishek called her ‘Beti B’.

“And till we find a name for the little lady a dear friend Shahana Goswami gave me a great one. We have Sr B and Jr B already so... Beti B!...Much like my father SrBachchan I too spent the day observing every little thing about the little one,” he posted.

Abhi can’t wait to have Aishwarya, baby home. “It’s a momentous occasion for the family and we are overwhelmed with all the love we have received. From all our fans, the media and the industry. Both Aishwarya and the baby are doing great and we can`t wait to have them home,” Abhishek said in a statement.


He thanked media for restraint coverage of the news, “I would specially like to thank the media for being so supportive, kind and respectful at such an important juncture in our lives,” he said.

“It means the world to us. This is a very overwhelming and exciting phase we enter into and hope to have your continued love and support,” he added.

Junior B spends the entire day watching the movement of the little ones. He nicknames his little daughter ‘Beti B’.

Amitabh Bachchan is also full of excitement as he became grandfather for the third time, “...Soon we shall be home and then shall start the process of bringing up. Of teaching and bearing and learning. Of etiquette and manners, of religious indoctrination, of schooling and further monitoring...,” Amitabh wrote on his blog

“A day spent with the new born, observing each movement, breath and presence .. recording it for posterity and for us in our old age,” he posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.