Ash-Abhi may spend honeymoon in Ireland's Ashford castle

The date for the Ash-Abhi wedding still has to be fixed, but already the honeymoon packages seem to be pouring in.And one such offer has come in from Tourism Ireland by Mr.Huzan and Beena Menon.They have offered the couple a package for a luxurious stay at a 13th century castle in Ireland.However it seems that the offer has not been made directly to Ash or Abhi, but instead to the head of the Bachchan family,Amitabh Bachchan.Nonetheless it is a smart move made by the people of Tourism Ireland, since all major decisions and in all probability even Ash-Abhi's honeymoon destination will be decided by Bachchan senior.
The members of Tourism Ireland have sent forth their proposal to Amitabh Bachchan and state that although they are aware that the date for the nuptials is still to be decided, they would like to present the couple with a honeymoon package to Ireland, with air tickets and accomodation at the prestigious Ashford Castle.Several eminent personalities like former President of US Mr.Reagan and his wife,actors Brad Pitt,Pierce Brosnan,Russell Crowe and Rod Stewart have stayed at the Castle.The castle is situated half an hour away from Galway on the shores of Lough Corrib.Well this is one couple getting international celebrity treatment but maybe the couple will want to keep their honeymoon destination plans a secret lest the media turn up in full force ruining the occassion. It is also being said that Ash-Abhi may tie the knot at a palace in Jodhpur,however we'll have to wait for Mr. Bachchan to confirm this.

Munnabhai falls for a blonde American

The trailer of the third series in the Munnabhai films has been screened with the film Eklavya. The third series titled 'Munnabhai Chale Amrika' stars the two integral leads Munna (Sanjay Dutt) and Circuit (Arshad Warsi).The trailer depicts Munna and circuit trying to learn english for their trip to America.Earlier there was also talk that Munna would meet with President of America George Bush, but the director Rajkumar Hirani refuses to divulge anymore details.However the rest of the cast will be different this time too.

Actress Vidya Balan will most probably not be a part of the third series, and Rajkumar Hirani states "No, Vidya isn't part of this film.This time Munna falls in love with an American.We are casting a blonde as Munna's love interest." The director is also trying to fit in another popular character, that of Boman Irani in the third series.The third series will have the same production team headed by Vidhu Vinod chopra and directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

Bipasha not by John's side at the Oscars

It is a big moment for the cast of Deepa Mehta's film Water which also includes John Abraham as they gear up for the Oscars.Water has been nominated in the Best Foreign Film category amongst five other films.John will walk the red carpet and will be seen hobnobbing with several Hollywood stars. No doubt he is excited as well as nervous and the actor would have liked nothing better than having girlfriend Bipasha Basu by his side for this big moment.Unfortunately Bipasha will not be by John's side as she is busy with her own prior committments. Recently John remarked that Bipasha would not be able to come along with him as she is busy with her shooting schedules and is also out of the country.

Bipasha was recently in south Africa shooting for Abbas-Mustan's film Race, but the actress along with the rest of the cast and crew was back a few days ago. In fact Bips was seen performing on a medley of classic 70's songs at the Filmfare awards on 24th night at the plush Yash Raj studios. Well it seems that John has got his pretty girlfriend's dates mixed up or else Bips and John are too busy with their own priorities to communicate with each other.

Shahrukh and Ajay on smoking after Saif's hospitalisation

Saif Ali Khan was recently hospitalised for blood clots in his heart and this has left the entire film industry shaken up.Although the actor is fine now, he claims that the attack was brought on by excessive smoking and now intends to give up the bad habit completely. Other well known actors in bollywood who are smokers are also waking up to the pitfalls of smoking. Top bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is known to be a severe smoker, Shahrukh is defintiely concerned about his smoking and Saif's health but says "It's a serious issue for sure,but let's not make Saif feel as if his world has come to an end." Shahrukh admits that the stress levels in an actor's life are high and he says "Sometimes the work load does get a bit too much with meetings,press conferances,shootings,travelling,odd sleping hours and Fridays.My family is always worried about my health and I have been trying to cut down on smoking for a while now." SRK confirms that smoking is the only bad habit he has as he does not drink and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle otherwise by eating healthy and working out when time permits.SRK says "I don't waste my time getting depressed or attached to material things but prayers to Allah are important and my biggest stress busters are my babies."

Actor Akshay Kumar too admits that acting is a stressful job but he tries to keep stress away by taking a break with his family every now and then. Akshay says "I don't take on things I can't fit into my schedule and the best way for me to deal with stress is to take short breaks whenever i can." However actor Ajay Devgan who is also a heavy smoker has a different take on the issue and claims "I am not scared whatever has to happen will happen." Ajay feels stress is a part of everyone's life and the best way to deal with it is to not think too much about it and balance one's time well.However Ajay says "I am quite health conscious and control my diet. I eat right and work out regularly. I take care of myself as much as I can." Well hopefully our bollywood actors and actresses will take this one as a wake up call to lead healthier lifestyles.

Real life couple Shahid-Kareena together again onscreen

Kareena kapoor and Shahid Kapur have been seeing each other for quite a while now and the two of them have already worked together in several films. Unfortunately their off-screen chemistry has not been transferred on-screen yet in any of their earlier films together.The couple have done three films together,Fida, 36 China Town and Chup Chup Ke but their on screen chemistry has received a cold response so far. But this does not seem to have deterred the couple and they are all set to do their fourth film together. The film will be directed by Imtiaz ali and will be produced by Shree Asthavinayak Cinevision.

Both Kareena and Shahid were recently on a self imposed break claiming that they were waiting for the right scripts.While Kareena has already made an impact in bollywood,Shahid still seems to be floudering to get his foothold in the film industry.Nonethless he remains positive about getting good film offers. Kareena is looking forward to Mani Ratnam's film Lajjo where she will star opposite Aamir Khan, she is also supposed to be doing a film opposite Hrithik Roshan. As for Shahid, recently there were talks of him doing Aziz Mirza's film opposite Vidya Balan but now it seems that Vidya looks too old opposite the young actor and that's a problem that shahid seems to be facing with most of his heroines. The film that Kareena and Shahid will star in is a love story and everyone's keeping their fingers crossed this time for the couple's on-screen chemistry to work.