Shahrukh deeply concern about son Aryan

Moms and Dads all over the world seem to share the same sentiment about their children. They love, they care and they worry about their youngsters trying to protect them from the ups and downs of life. Parent- child relationship defies all social status because it is the most precious relationship - one that money cannot buy. The father, the mother, be they ordinary daily wagers or ones with celebrity status cannot deny that even in their busiest moments they think about their children.  

We are inclined to believe that famous parents might not have the same intimate and warm relationship with their children as the common parents since their profession does not allow them to share or care for their kids.  However in an update in a social network the Bollywood Badsha Shah Rukh Khan literally expressed concern about his teenage son Aryan who is at present studying in London. It brought into focus that parental care is universal.

Shah Rukh has candidly expressed his apprehensions on face book where he reveals his wish of becoming a fly, only to be with his son. The worried father says “is it normal to feel, my son won’t be able to handle himself at a party & I should be there disguised as a fly on the wall to look after him". Shah Rukh feels that his son Aryan , being an introvert may not be able to cope with the pressure of being a star-kid.

His anxiety about his son not be able to handle himself in a party is a concern with which many parents can readily associate with The reigning superstar of Indian cinema has time and again publicly expressed his unconditional affection for his children. Bereaved of his parents at a very tender age, Shah Rukh has always come across as a caring and loving father who has always taken a very protective stance as far as his family is concerned. From taking up a fight with the Mumbai police in the Wankhede stadium for their supposed man handling of his kids, to producing ‘RA.One’ just for his son- Shah Rukh has done it all.

So his recent concern for his teenage son, living in London is quite  understandable. Although till now there has been no report of misconduct against Aryan, but being a doting and protective dad that he is, the Bollywood Badsha is spending sleepless nights for the time being owing to his worry over his son.