Arshi Khan claims she is pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s baby

After putting the security agencies guarding the Pakistani Cricket Team including the RAW and IB into frenzy with her threats to break the cordon and KISS Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi in public, Arshi Khan today dropped another bomb – she claimed she was pregnant with Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi’s baby. She said she is three months pregnant and has medical and forensic evidence to prove that Shahid Afridi was the father of her unborn child.

Meanwhile, security agencies guarding the Pakistani Cricket team during the World Twenty20 are facing an unusual threat. The security team has been given strict instructions to avoid any kind of untoward incident that could harm India’s image internationally and invoke criticism from the Global Cricketing community.

However, our top-secret undercover agent tells us that Mumbai-based model and actress Arshi Khan who has in the past openly declared her love for Shahid Afridi and also claims that she and Pakistani skipper are married in secret, has vowed to break the security cordon and publicly kiss Shahid Afridi.

Arshi Khan claims she has medical and forensic evidence (including a torn, used condom – Ha, Ha, Ha) to prove that the baby she is carrying is none other than Afridi’s. She alleged to have saved the condom in the deep freezer when they had sex – as a token or remembrance of our love. “I did not know that I would get pregnant. Now the token of remembrance of our special day has become a token of proof for me,” Arshi Khan jokingly told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

In August-end 2015, Arshi Khan told media persons in a press conference that she had sex with Shahid Afridi. She had also stated at that time that “for her it was love and she did not need anyone’s permission to have sex with him.” She later on claimed in December 2015, that she had met Afridi again in Dubai.

Later on in January 2016, media in Dubai claimed that Afridi and Arshi were secretly married and that there was a Nikaah certificate to prove the marriage. A UAE tabloid which first published the news of the nuptials also published a blurred image of the nikaah certificate.

Arshi Khan has surely beat Rajasthan MLA Gyandev Ahuja at her expertise with used condoms. Ahuja must learn how to properly store used condoms, just in case they are required as evidence later on.