Arshi Khan attacked with beer bottle during photoshoot

Bollywood veteran director, Mahesh Bhatt and actor Raza Murad have strongly condemned the "beer bottle" attack by an alleged shiv sainik on Arshi Khan.

The incident happened on Thursday late evening and an FIR was registered at the Versova police station. Speaking to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, Raza Murad condemned the incident saying there is an air of suspicion and fear in the country. Without referring to any particular political party, Raza Murad insisted that the police must investigate and nail the culprit on a very urgent basis, adding that, "What has happened is very wrong. A woman has been physically attacked with a weapon-like object for speaking out her mind," Raza Murad told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

Mahesh Bhatt congratulated the Mumbai police for acting swiftly and registering an FIR. "In some cases the police do not even register an FIR. I am happy that the police have acted quickly and taken cognizance of the crime. There are incidents of violence and intolerance in India and I do believe that intolerance in our country is on the rise. Referring to the Arshi Khan incident Bhatt said he vehemently condemns the attack on a woman. "We cannot call ourselves a civilized society if we attack women," Bhatt opined, hoping that the police would nail the culprit soon.

Meanwhile commenting on the incident, Arshi Khan severely criticized the Shiv Sena and other right-wing parties in India, saying "There is absolutely no tolerance in India. India is a democracy, but people from the minority community are not free to criticize the government or the functioning of the government. The police were very supportive and quick to act, and I thank Mumbai police for their support," Arshi Khan said in Mumbai adding that certain political parties like the Shiv Sena and  BJP were not ready to listen to differing opinions.

The Versova Police in suburban Mumbai registered an FIR (First Information Report) against an unknown person for trespass, attempt to cause hurt and other sections of the IPC (FIR No 398/2015 u/s 452, 336 IPC), late on Thursday night, after a formal written complaint was submitted by Arshi Khan’s photographer Jude Fernandez and  her publicist to the Versova police station. The assistant commissioner of police and acting Senior Inspector of Versova Police Station Datttatray Patil visited the crime scene and supervised the recording of the panchnama, witness statements and other legal formalities.

According to the FIR, registered at the Versova Police Station, an unknown man barged into a photo studio at Mahada, Four Bungalows and hurled an empty beer bottle at model and actress Arshi Khan while she was shooting for a magazine with photographer Jude Fernandes.

The man shouted JAI MAHARASTHRA, before running away on foot and is alleged to be a shiv sainik from the local area according to police sources. No arrests have been made so far.

The complainant Jude Fernandes, owner of Starline Photo Studio has alleged in his complaint that, on 26th November 2015,  at about 3.40 pm, he  was in his studio along with model and actress Ms Arshi Khan. The photo shoot had just started when a man pushed open the door, barged in and hurled an empty beer bottle at Arshi Khan. “The bottle missed hitting Ms Arshi Khan but fell on the floor and broke into many pieces. Before I could react to the situation (I was adjusting my camera and my concentration was on the camera) the unknown man had run away.

Arshi Khan’s manager Rajesh Singh was also present in the room and so was her make-up man Gajendra Singh. The unknown man while throwing the bottle shouted “Jai Maharashtra” and ran away even before we could react to the situation,” Fernandes has stated in his complaint adding that they tried to chase the man, but before they could react the man had disappeared into the lanes of Mahada. The door got cracked and while the beer bottle missed hitting Arshi Khan it hit a lamp which fell down and broke, Jude Fernandes explained.

According to a description provided by Arshi Khan who was facing the door/camera end and managed to get a glimpse of the assailant, the unknown person was wearing black color trousers and red and black stripped shirt. He was about 5.6 in height and was slim built. He had a thin mustache with ruffled hair.

Fernandes has submitted a written complaint to the Versova Police station and the police are looking into the matter. PSI Atul Sanab at Versova Police Station said the police are investigating the complaint and trying to identify the miscreant. "We have received a written complaint on behalf of Arshi Khan and the studio photographer and will take appropriate action," Sanab said.