Arshad Warsi has cleared the differences with Maria Goretti

Actor turned Producer Arshad Warsi confessed that the news of his rumored relationship with co-actor Diya Mirza had, indeed, negatively influenced his relationship with Maria Goretti.

Prior to that there had been rumors circulating about his troubled marriage, and the reason was that Arshad was busy shooting for ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’ with Diya Mirza and was not able to spare enough time for Maria Goretti.

Arshad, however, has cleared his way out and resolved all the conflicts with his wife Maria, “News of my rumored relationship with Diya damaged my relationship with Maria. It was a vicious thing circulated against me.” Arshad responded to the question about his relationship rumors with Dia and the difference of opinion with his wife

“Though Maria is very understanding, gossip that I was seeing Diya got to her. My family was threatened. I am a father of two kids (five-year-old son Zeke Warsi and three-year-old daughter Zene Zoe) and I didn’t want these things to affect them because it was not true.” Arshad added.

Arshad Warsi had been sorrowful about his rumored current love life, conveyed that his wife was upset, and so was Diya Mirza, his close friend. Though, Diya Mirza was more disappointed about the whole thing as she felt she was needlessly being dragged into the controversy.  

As stated by Arshad, “Had Maria not trusted me, it would have been all over. Meanwhile, even Diya Mirza understood that some people with vested interests were playing games.”