Arrest warrant issued against Priyanka Chopra’s dad Ashok Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has starred in some of the biggest hits last year like Krrish and Don and although her professional life seems to be going good, there have been continuous upheavals in her personal life. Priyanka’s dad Ashok Chopra has been ill several times last year as he is suffering from liver cancer. Moreover the legal issue with her ex-secretary Prakash Jaju has been looming over her for quite some time now. Priyanka had earlier filed a case against him claiming that he had made several threats to her and Prakash too had retaliated by filing a case complaining that the actress had used her underworld nexus to threaten him. The cases have been filed in Indore and the Indore Court has now supposedly issued an arrest warrant against Priyanka’s ailing father Ashok Chopra.
However Ashok Chopra does not seem to be in any condition to handle this legal issue as he says “I am suffering from cancer and my condition is critical. I’ve heard about the warrant but what can I do in a situation like this? I am not in a condition to react to Jaju’s deeds.” The issue between Priyanka and her former secretary Jaju began when he claimed that she still owed him money from her previous contracts which he had acquired for her. This legal dispute too is still going on. The threat allegations were later added by both parties. Priyanka’s dad too was involved in the case as he handles his daughter’s finances. Priyanka’s lawyers are currently trying to sort out the matter and are also dealing with the warrant issued against her father.

Last year though Priyanka starred in some of the biggest hits, < a href=>she received a lot of flak for her roles in the films . The actress claimed that it was partly due to the stress as her father was unwell. Priyanka recently visited jawans in the hilly terrain of the North east area, there she mingled and communicated with jawans as part of the Indian Independence day celebrations. Priyanka will soon be seen in films like Drona opposite Abhishek Bachchan and Love Story 2050 with Harman Baweja. She has also been roped in for a Karan Johar film opposite Abhishek and John.