New mom Arpita Khan lashes out at haters on Instagram

Celebrities keep in reach out to their fans through social media, but there are some people who take pleasure in making nasty remarks about the celebs on the platform. Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma recently became the target of such Internet trolls.

Arpita and her husband Aayush Sharma, who welcomed their first child Ahil in late March, are currently enjoying a vacation in the US. Arpita, who is an active social media user, has been sharing pictures of her with her husband and month-old baby on Instagram. However, some of her followers made unwarranted personal comments on the pictures criticising her family, her weight, her baby boy, husband and lifestyle, according to a leading daily.

Arpita decided to give it back to those who made hateful remarks and posted a strong-worded message on the social site and captioned it, ‘Learn to live and let live’. How 'jobless and bored' must you be to visit profiles you don't like, the 26-year-old new mommy wrote, and also asked her well-wishers to “ignore” the negative comments targeting her and her family.

Arpita’s post read, “Hey, I would request all our well-wishers not to waste their time by reacting to random jobless, insecure, jealous, people. Insecurities and jealousy can make you lose the plot at times. Just ignore them and move on don’t react to their comments as then you are giving them more importance.

“And for those people who have an issue with the following: - my pictures, my family, my weight, my face, my colour and what I am doing with my baby boy & how we are taking care of him and my husband & our lifestyle, I wonder how jobless or bored you are that you’re busy following or visiting a profile you don’t like and have so many issues with. Why don’t you do something better with your time and life rather than stooping down to a level of a barking dog and displaying a very low line character of yourself .. Anyway have a great day God bless,” the post added.