Arpita denies Salman bhai's link in Jiah’s suicide case

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan denies her bhai Salman Khan’s involvement in Jiah Khan’s suicide case. Arpita spoke in support of her big brother and rubbishes Salman’s intervening in Jiah and Sooraj’s relationship.

Arpita tweeted, "Pple need to get their facts right first. Let the law take its course, and the truth will prevail. Bhai's name is just being dragged. Let the verdict come out, lets see what the police has to say. I am sure the truth will prevail. It's wrong of us to formulate any opinion."

Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan said police that Salman Khan intervened in Jiah and Sooraj’s relationship. She added he told Aditya Pancholi to keep his son away from Jiah. Salman Khan also broke his silence regarding the report.  He said that his full sympathy was with Jiah’s family but he disliked that Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan dragged his name in this whole controversy.

"I was not even aware of Suraj and Jiah`s relationship. I got to know of it through a news magazine," Salman Khan said.

After Jiah Khan committed suicide, her mother Rabiya Khan told to police that Salman Khan has intervened between Jiah and Sooraj’s life and he persuaded Aditya Pancholi to distance his son from Jiah.

The ‘Dabangg’ star said that he never had any conversation with Aditya Pancholi asking to interfere in his son’s relationship. He finds the debate very ridiculous. He doesn’t know why his name was roped into the entire affair.

Salman said that he sympathizes with Jiah’s family and added that he has his own life and problems and has no time to think about other’s life.

Salman’s manager said, "We won't like to give any statement about this episode".

When asked why Jiah's family gave such statement about Salman, she responded, "You should ask her (Jiah's mother Rabiya Khan) this question."

Sooraj Pancholi who is in police custody in Jiah Khan’s suicide case was to debut with Salman Khan and Subhash Ghai’s movie, ‘Hero’ which is a remake of blockbuster ‘Hero’ staring Jackie Shroff and Meenashi Sheesadri.  Sooraj has been cast opposite Suneil Shetty’s son Athiya Shetty.

With Sooraj being involved in Jiah’s suicide, time will say whether Salman Khan will reconsider his decision about casting Sooraj.

Jiah Khan was hanged inside his room on June 4th at her residence.