Armaan’s mother gave Tanisha a nice hug and kiss!

On 21st November, late night, someone made a re-entry into the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ and it was none other than Kushal Tandon. Kushal’s entry into the house was a joyous moment for every one especially Armaan and Tanishaa as Kushal brought with him a special message from Armaan’s mother for her son.

Kushal Tandon made a dramatic entry. At late night when all the inmates were getting ready to hit the bed, a loud music was played from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’. Inmates sensed that it was the alarm for someone to get inside the house. Gauhar sensed something and she ran towards the main door. Others followed her. As the doors opened, everyone noticed a smiling Kushal Tandon. Gauhar and Kamya jumped on him and they hugged him. All the other inmates also seemed happy. Kushal hugged each one of them. He had brought special gifts for everyone. He had himself picked up the gifts for them. Later on he went to Armaan and told him that his mother had sent a special message for him. According to the message, Armaan’s mother had announced her fondness for Tanishaa and also told that she was a nice girl.

A source from the unit of ‘Bigg Boss’ said, “Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli's mother Nishi Kohli sent a special message through Kushal. She said that she is very fond of Tanisha as she is a very nice girl and also asked him to give her a nice hug and kiss from her side.”

Armaan and Tanishaa are very close to each other as is seen from the episodes of ‘Bigg Boss’ their relationship came under scanner after they became friends.

In the beginning, Armaan and Tanishaa disliked each other. On the show, they used to fight on pity issues. But after a few episodes, Armaan thought of controlling his anger and he apologized to every one for his behavior. Thus, Armaan and Tanishaa became friends. Gradually, the fondness between them increased to the extent that they were seen favoring each other on the show. In the one hour daily footage, their liking for each other cannot go unnoticed. They were even captured in some awkward positions.

However, the other side of the story is still not known. It was earlier known that Tanuja and Kajol were annoyed by Tanisha’s antics. It is not known whether they will be happy with this relationship.