Armaan’s live-in partner Tanya happy for Armaan-Tanisha

Media is buzz with the report of Tanya Singh entering Bigg Boss 7 house to bring a new twist to the show but there is little chance of any bombardment on Tanya’s entry as she has revealed to the world that she is happy with Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee’s relationship and she has no objection.

“Firstly, I am Tanya Kapoor and I don’t have a son as reported,” says Tanya. She is quite fine with Tanisha. “I have nothing against Tanisha ... so I’d never do something like that. I’ll be happy if something works out between Armaan and Tanisha. Yes, Armaan and I were more than friends ... we had met just a couple of months back and our relationship was developing, but it’s fine, people do move on in life,” says Tanya, who has rejected the offer to enter the show.

A divorcee and a mom to a 10-year-old daughter, is very close to Armaan’s family and she added that she is not depressed with Armaan’s mother accepting Tanisha, “Not at all. I am still like a daughter to them too. But it’s Armaan’s life and it’s fine if she’s honouring her son’s choice,” she says.

Talking about Armaan’s much-talked about hot temperament, Tanya says, “I think this house just brings out the worst in you ... people provoke you till you react.” When asked did he ever humiliated her, she replied, “Never. He’s never misbehaved with me”.

While Tanya’s close pals reveal that she is terribly hurt. “Of course she will be. They were in a live-in relationship after all,” says a close friend of Tanya, adding, “In fact Armaan pampered her a lot, took her to Dubai for shopping, but when he’ll be angry, he’ll yell at her ... break her phone, and then the next day buy her a new one. It’s Tanya’s goodness that she is not bad-mouthing him.”

Vivek Mishra was the first to break the news of Armaan’s girlfriend, he said, “I got to know Armaan through Tanya. I had even asked Armaan, what he was up to as Tanya is waiting for him outside. She had even cried before me. But Armaan told me that he and Tanisha are just friends, and Tanya need not worry. Then again he started shouting saying, ‘What’s your problem if I have one girlfriend or 500 girlfriends!’,” says Mishra.