Armaan Kohli released from jail, Neeru Randhawa withdraws case

Armaan Kohli was released from jail after his live-in partner Neeru Randhawa taken back her case.

Talking to TOI, Neeru Randhawa talked about her decision to let Armaan go free, “Everyone is assuming that I withdrew the case following a monetary settlement. I didn’t want him jailed, primarily because of his parents. My motive was to tell all the women, who are victims of abuse, to not feel scared. If they seek help, they will get justice just like me. So, I don’t want any woman to feel discouraged after seeing me withdraw the case; I did so only after my conditions were met. As far as rumours of a monetary settlement are concerned, they are not true at all. I come from a financially sound family, and my reasons were different. To begin with, I am a British citizen and it won’t be viable for me to travel from London to India for the hearings. So, I asked for a compensation to cover the damage I have incurred, including being out of work for three years. Also, Armaan has been put on caution by the court, which means that if he repeats the offence, he will be put behind bars. He has also been asked to do charity for the visually challenged people and children. As far as I am concerned, I have raised my voice against the abuse meted out by him”.

Armaan has given Neeru a written apology, “Yes, that’s true. He also settled the loss of income I incurred over the last three years, when he didn’t allow me to work. I hope this experience has taught him a lesson. I want him to learn from his mistakes”.

There is no chance of reconciliation, Kohli said, “There is absolutely no chance of getting back with him. That’s why I have taken this route”.

Neeru wants to move on in love and erase all the memories of Armaan Kohli whom she loved from the bottom of her heart, “I had got his name tattooed when I was in love with him. But now, I want to take it off and be free of all the negativity”, she quips.