Armaan Kohli out, reveals the truth about Tanisha

After Kushal Tandon’s mid-week eviction, the next contestant who got eliminated from the show during the normal eviction day is the much talked about and controversial housemate of BB7, Armaan Kohli. Just two days before the eviction, Armaan re-entered the house. He was arrested from Bigg Boss 7 house following a complaint lodged by former Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat.

Armaan was known for his short tempered nature and drew controversy due to his proximity with Tanisha Mukherjee. He raised the TRPs of the show when he was caught in an objectionable position with Tanisha. During his stay in the house, he had picked up fight with almost all the contestants of the show ranging from Kushal to Sofia. He was only close to Tanisha.

Kohli said during weekend ka wow, “Tanisha is a very good friend who stood by me from day one, so yes, she is an important part of my life now.”

Speaking about the ‘romance’ and ‘occasional kisses’, he says, “That was all affection. I’m a very affectionate person... I love hugging people. Yes, there’s a lot of fondness for her, and of course, I would meet her outside too.”

Rubbishing rumours about their intimacy to gain TRPs, Kohli says, “Tanisha and I never did anything for TRP. It’s all genuine.”

He rubbishes the report that Tanya Kapoor is his girlfriend, “It’s very cheap of her if she said that. Tanya was never my girlfriend! I’ve many friends, and she is just one of them. We always met in groups, never alone,” he says.

With only counted days left for the grand finale, the contestants started playing their individual game to win the title.