Armaan hugs, kisses Tanisha after coming back

Love is at the peak for Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee. Armaan was taken by police following a complaint lodged by ex-contestant of Bigg Boss house Sofia Hayat and later released on bail. After returning he lifted Tanisha in his arms, hugged, kissed her and said ‘I Love You’. Tanisha could not hold her emotions on seeing Armaan back home and hugged him tightly.

It was quite evident that she was missing Armaan immensely when he was out of the house. Armaan too showed by his gesture as how much he has missed her outside.

After a while, Armaan told Tanisha that he was warned by his family not to fight with her and they told him that he should not fight with Tanisha as long as he is there in the house and if he upset her then he would be slapped on returning home.

He kissed Tanisha on her forehead and said “I love you” to her. He also informed her that his father wanted him to do so. He also said that he would not want to discuss Sofia Hayat controversy on the show.

Armaan’s mother likes Tanisha a lot. Once she sent love and kisses to her via her son.

The duo has accepted being in love. The couple filled the air of Bigg Boss house with love. In various instances, they are spotted in intimate position. After repeated warnings from host and superstar, Tanisha and Kohli did not mend their ways.

Their close association did not go well with the Mukherjee and Devgn’s family and they have almost cut ties from Tanisha.

Their blooming love has been too hot to handle for the housemates. Tanisha and Armaan are spicing up the show with their budding romance. The couple is just unstoppable.