Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan lashes out at Armaan Kohli

The host of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Salman  Khan said about one of the contestants Armaan Kohli that he did not respect girls. It was not a simple statement. In fact the various online polls voted Salman as an unfair host who was biased towards Tanishaa and Armaan. Both Tanishaa and Armaan are related to Bollywood families. This led to some controversy regarding Salman.

Viewers went mad when Salman got angry over Kushal for behaving improperly with Tanishaa. He lashed out on Kushal and later Kushal was evicted from house. During this fight, Tanishaa had an equal role but Salman did not say anything to her.

Salman in the Saturday episode settled the controversy for once and all. He got a little angry on both Tanishaa and Armaan. He talked about the right behavior inside the house and asked housemates to act accordingly.

He asked the housemates if they wanted Kushal to return. Most of them answered negatively. According to them if Kushal returned on show, it would prove that law breakers are welcomed in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. Even Salman confessed that he didn’t want Kushal to return. Gauhar intervened and said that others in the house also broke law but only Kushal bore severe punishment of eviction.

To this Salman took on other inmates who broke law or behaved improperly. Then a viewer had a question for Armaan. The viewer wanted to ask why Armaan behaved impolitely with women though he later also asked for apology. Salman got his cue. He asked Armaan to watch his action and to behave properly and not to show anger. He even asked Tanishaa to speak up whenever Armaan gets violent.

He then told that housemates are speaking foul about each other and are also making fun of others which is wrong. He warned Kamya. He then criticized Tanishaa and Andy for mocking Gauhar who fainted when Kushal was going out of the house.

For eviction, four of the housemates were nominated. They are Candy Brar, Sangram Singh, Sofia Hayat, and Ajaz Khan. Candy Brar was later evicted. Later Candy confessed that she came in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ to meet Kushal. But by the time, she came on the show, Kushal was already shown the door. She is the 8th celebrity to be evicted from the house. She stayed in the house for just a week.