Bigg Boss 7: Armaan back in house, fights with Ajaz

The weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ saw Armaan moving out of the house. It was a no elimination week. So, Armaan was taken to a secret or bonus room. The inmates of the house thought that Armaan was evicted. But Armaan was made to watch the activities of housemates on a secret TV.

To Armaan’s surprise, Ajaz, Gauhar and Kushal talked ill about him. They thought he had left. They made fun of him. Armaan saw everything. Only Tanishaa was genuinely sad after Armaan left. She could not take the fact that he had left her. The other day after he left, Tanishaa kept on staring at his personal belongings which he had left back.

Armaan also noticed that Sangram and Andy were genuine and they did not talk ill about him. So the yesterday’s episode saw Armaan’s come back. The moment he made an entry, Tanishaa screamed loud and ran to hug him. She tucked to his shirt and cried. Even Armaan gave her a peck on her forehead. Then Armaan greeted all the other housemates. He had an expression for everyone. He hugged Andy and Sangram and told them that they were his real friends. Then he pointed at Tanishaa, Sangram and Andy. He told that those three were his only friends at the house. He then went to Kamya. He told Kamya that since she didn’t speak much against him, he has no grudges against her. Then very casually, he greeted Ajaz, Kushal and Gauhar. He told Ajaz that whatever he had said about him, he had heard all.

Then all the housemates sat in the living area. Armaan was boiling with anger. He told Ajaz that he(Armaan) was indeed son of a great personality and it is a privilege to be his son. He also told that nobody can afford such privileges. Armaan was actually pointing at Ajaz who had earlier made fun of Armaan. Armaan also warned Kushal for what he said. Kushal was quick to put blame on Armaan telling that it was Armaan who had said that new comers will be eliminated first.

Later inmates were asked to give two names each for nominations. People took names of Armaan, Tanishaa, Sophia and Ajaz in the nominations. In the coming week, one of the contestants will be voted out. The contestant will leave the show on weekend.