Arjun Rampal : What is your style number ?

Arjun RampalStyle is all about originality. For me it’s all about creating your own style and not cloning others. So I don’t follow trends. I’ve never been a fashion junkie. I’ve won Style Icon awards so I guess I have a style of my own.
On some days I would rate myself 10/10 where style is concerned but there are also days when
I’d rate myself 0/10. If I’m not in the mood, I just don’t bother about what I put on.

Actually, I wasn’t too conscious about what I wore till I joined the modeling industry. It was only then that I became aware of accessories, brand names and how to put things together aesthetically. I learnt about fabrics and cuts, what was in, what was out, what was an absolute fashion no-no.

These days it’s all about brands and labels. It is easy to access most of the labels andlatest designs in India now. But I don’t pay too much attention to brands. Fort me it’s more important that I’m comfortable in what I wear. So it could be Puma, Nike or Adidas shoes and T-shirt. Or an Armani suit (I’m a die-hard Armani loyalist). Or, in India, Rohit Bal and Tarun Tahiliani and Rocky S

My favourite outfit is a pair of jeans with a shirt or T-shirt. I think it is very smart and, at the same time, casual. I’m very partial to black, followed by all shades of blue and white. I like watches, but am not otherwise too hung up on accessories. These days I’m completely into formals so that means lots of Armani suits.

Red rock t-shirt
This Rocky S T-shirt was full sleeved when I got it but I cut off the sleeves. I like it this way. The jeans are Hugo Boss and the shades are Prada. I love sunglasses; I have an entire collection of them.

Long sleeved blue
I love T-shirts; they’re easy to wear and very comfortable. This one’s Guess. The Panerai watch is my all-time favourite. I bought it in Milan. The belt was also bought in Milan from a tiny roadside shop. The jeans are the same Hugo Boss. I love faded jeans.

Rly track
Diesel is one of my favourite brands and this Diesel leather jacket is one my favourites. I even wore it in Asambhav . I like jackets that are smart, not too bulky and that don’t have too many zips.

Clock pic
I like wearing a suit because they it just makes you feel better about yourself. Also, it shows you’ve made an effort for the occasion. Though I love Armani suits I do make an exception once in a while. This one’s a Rocky S suit.

B/w jacket
When in doubt, always wear black. It’s the safest bet. Just make sure the cut is perfect.

Paris pic
Rocky S sent me this white kurta shirt with drawstring pants for a film shoot but I liked it so much that it now belongs to me. It is cool, casual and comfortable.