Arjun Rampal plays a Casanova in I See You

Model turned actor Arjun Rampal has been trying his hand at acting in films since quite a while now, but unfortunately the actor is still awaiting that one hit film to make it in bollywood. But now along with acting, Arjun has decided to also produce his own film, I See You along with his model wife Mehr Jessia. The film has been directed by debutant director Vivek Aggarwal and stars Arjun Rampal alongside newcomer Vipasha. The film has been shot in London and releases on 29th December.
Actor Arjun Rampal is excited to produce his first film and says “I See You is a romantic comedy. It’s a fun film, it’s about a guy who is the only person who can see a girl and because of that there are a lot of situations that get created which turns his life upside down.” In the film Arjun is seen playing a Casanova Raj Jaiswal, a star attraction on a television show, British Raj, who exploits his popularity to the hilt. Raj flirts with everyone on the show and every beautiful girl is the target of this Casanova. All this changes when Raj meets Shivani (Vipasha), a girl whom only he and no one else can see. Arjun will also be turning producer for the first time with this film and says “I am an actor and a creative person. I have a lot of stories which I have collected during my acting career and I always wanted to tell those stories.”

Arjun is well aware that he will be taking several risks as his film has a debutant director, a new actress, a first time producer and most importantly a fresh new concept. Nonetheless Arjun wants to bring entertainment to the people so he is willing to take these risks and hopes for the best. Arjun is happy with the way director Vivek Aggarwal has done the film and he says “I have known Vivek since 10 years and we share a very good rapport. He has done production before and has assisted on several big films before. He also finished the film in less time than we had scheduled and he was clear as to what he wanted.” Newcomer female lead Vipasha was selected as she looked really pretty but she also had to go through a screen test. Arjun claims that “Vipasha was selected as she had that something very special and a certain level of mystery which was required for the character.”

Boman Irani, Chunkey Pandey and Sonali Kulkarni will also be seen in I See you. Arjun says “They are all dear friends of mine, we all have great chemistry on-screen and off-screen and that is why we could work together well.” Although Arjun knows that he now has double responsibility as an actor and a producer of the film, he is unfazed and says “The responsibility doubles, but fortunately I put the right team together which removed half the responsibility from me.” Arjun is extremely appreciative of his wife Mehr’s role as producer as she was extremely supportive and took care of everyone in the unit.

Arjun is extremely satisfied with the music of the film done by Vishal-Shekhar and claims that “the music is outstanding; they have given great music and lyrics. All the songs are superb.” Finally Arjun wants people of all age groups to go watch this fun film and have a blast while watching it as he had a blast making it.