Arjun Rampal denies divorce report, lashes out at media

Arjun Rampal vented out his anger over media for cooking up fake stories about his divorce and spreading far and wide. In a series of tweets, he slammed media for spreading fake rumor about his personal life.

Arjun tweeted#My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce?Say,Midday&few others.U know it's really easy to find that out.Did u bother? #fakepress

The ‘Roy’ actor called press fake#The state of affairs about journalists in India.They on group chats on wasapp and cook up stories.Thats where news is made.That's the truth.

The truth about Bandra court?The couple were old friend Marc Robbinson and Wallucha.Oops they got their facts all wrong again. #fakepress

The actor promised that he would never speak about his personal life in media from now, #From today I refuse to do any personal interviews or discuss my personal life with any media person.Mind your own business. #fakepress

It was reported that Arjun Rampal and his wife of 17 years former model Mehr Jessia filed for divorce at Bandra court. Suzanne Khan is said to be the reason of the separation. Mehr is reportedly angry over Arjun's proximity with Suzanne and she decided to end their marriage.