Arjun Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar support Gauahar Khan

The attack on actress-model Gauahar Khan at Filmcity was openly objected by celebrities. Stars like Arjun Kapoor, Frahan Akhar, Madhur Bhandarkar and some more are highly disgusted as how could a man openly assault a girl. They highly slammed the incident and asked for immediate police action as it is a punishable deed.

Arjun Kapoor of ‘Tevar’ who was also present at the grand finale of ‘India’s Raw Star’ express his anguish over the incident, "No matter what you say about the incident, it will fall less. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever been a witness to and I am appalled that some Indian men have a thought process that is so lowly. I think what that man deserves is what he will get hopefully. The law will put him in his place"

Arjun says the reason of assaulting Gauahar was just ridiculous. "There can be no reason good enough to act like this. You can get upset or angry about things but there's way of expressing yourself and your opinions. India is after all, a free country, it is a democracy. Who are you? Who are you to decide what somebody should wear? Who are you to raise hands on somebody? How can you be judgmental about anybody? The guy thought he will slap her and show his mardangi! But what kind of a mard are you when you are making use of your manhood in such an inappropriate manner?"

Arjun strongly objected humiliation against women by the opposite gender. "No man should ever think he has the right to raise his hands on anybody, let alone a woman", said a visibly angry Arjun. 

"Such thinking and people having such a mindset is wrong in the first place. It's shocking that we live in such a generation where we have to experience such a thing. It's sad", Arjun continued.

Farhan Akhtar also took to Twitter to express his anger.

"Dearest natural selection, please help us out-evolve morons like the one who slapped Gauahar Khan. Sincerely," he tweeted Monday.

Actor Rohit Roy was left "speechless" after reading the headline, "Man slaps actor Gauahar Khan for 'wearing indecent clothes'."

Sharing a shot of the story, he captioned it, "Headlines of today! I mean, seriously?? Have I moved to Taliban country ?! #speechless".

Gauhaar Khan was publicly slapped by a man for wearing short skirt while she was hosting the grand finale of reality show, ‘India’s Raw Star’.

The case is being investigated.

An official from Aarey Colony police station told IANS, "Last night (Sunday night), the accused Mohammad Akil Malik was brought here and he is in our custody. We are investigating this case."

Gauhar filed police complaint on Sunday night itself.

Zonal DCP Panjabrao Ugle added, "Gauahar Khan was shooting last night so, after finishing her shoot she came to the police station and we have already recorded her statement. Now, the case has been registered and we are taking care of it".