Ariah Agarwal, Manit Joura of ‘Prem Bandhan’ test Covid-19 positive

‘Prem Bandhan’ actors Manit Joura and Ariah Agarwal have been tested been positive for COVID-19. The actress reveals she had slight fever and loss of smell.

Manit was quoted by TOI as saying, "I got myself tested for COVID-19 and received the report around 12.30 pm. I woke up with a heavy head and slight fever. However, I didn't think too much about it. I realised that something was amiss when my head started spinning after a while. I dialled my doctor, who suggested I get tested for COVID-19 and quarantine myself. Unfortunately, the test came back positive. I don't have any major symptoms except for a sore throat, heavy head and slight fever. I have isolated myself and haven't even met my pet."

Ariah told ETimes, “I had slight fever and although I didn’t have any other symptoms, I underwent a test yesterday, which came back positive. I shoot with actors across all age groups — senior and young. When you are working amid such a mix, it is not right to not be careful. My conscience didn’t allow me to not test.”

Ariah said that she has isolated herself in her room and taking rest, “Even though I want to get back on the sets, I’m trying to stay calm and use this time to introspect and process life. I am working on my mental health and well-being, too. I’m watching shows, listening to music and playing Ludo on the phone,” she added.

She also had shared piece of advice for all those who have been infected. Ariah said, "Your mental health gets affected when you are struck with COVID-19. So, I urge everyone to care of their mental health, too."