Arbaaz Khan’s vehicle hits and kills a woman

The incident took place in Mumbai last night. The land cruiser belonging to the actor Arbaaz Khan hit a seventy year old pavement dweller. The woman was crushed to death. Incidentally, the actor was not in the car and the vehicle was driven by Dhananjaya Pimpale who is a driver of Sohail Khan. This gruesome accident has kept the Mumbaikars shocked and at present investigations on the case is in full swing.

The accident occurred in Bandra area near the  St Andrews Church. Driver Dhananjaya was driving the land cruiser to Arbaaz Khan’s home at the Galaxy apartment when the accident happened at around eleven o clock in night. The victim of the accident is identified as Chandra Bala.

The Mumbai police got a call about this incident at 11:30 pm. It was reported by an eye witness. The authorities sprang into action and detained the 46 years old driver. The driver didn’t seem to be drunk. However, his blood and urine sample is collected to check the alcohol level in his body. The results will be available some time today. The police has chrged the driver with culpable homicide and negligent driving. The driver will appear in a local court today.

According to the police sources, the actor Arbaaz Khan will also be contacted and his statement will be recorded as the vehicle is owned by him.

According to the eyewitnesses Dhananjaya Pimpale was taking a turn when the accident happened. An autorickshaw driver was one of the eyewitnesses and he states that the car hit the woman and then ran over her, but never stopped and ran away. This shook the neighborhood and soon a crowd of almost 150 people gathered at the spot.

A good samaritan eyewitness and a constable rushed the victim to the nearby Bhaba hospital. However, they were given a cold shoulder by the hospital authorities who turned a deaf ear to the plight of the victim. No doctor checked the victim and they were told to take the victim out of the hospital. All this tussle wasted precious half an hour and finally she was declared to be dead.

Arbaaz’s elder brother the Bollywood super star Salman Khan was also booked for rash driving in the year 2002. He ran over pavement dwellers in Bandra. One was killed in the incident and three were injured in the accident.