Arbaaz Khan gives Rs 15 crore alimony to ex-wife Malaika Arora

The much publicized break-up of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora is the current hot topic. On Thursday, the couple was finally legally divorced. Celebrity break-ups generally involved a huge amount of alimony which they are not ready to divulge in public. Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan’s divorce was also very costliest and now again Arbaaz has to shed mammoth amount to settle his divorce with Malaika.

Earlier report suggest that Malaika has not asked for any alimony or property from Arbaaz but now report is doing all the round that Malaika has asked for Rs 15 crore maintenance for her and their son.  

A source close to the separation had informed, "That's quite an amount no doubt, but Rs 10 crore minimum is what Malaika wants. And she will not settle for anything lesser."

Arbaaz Khan is reportedly giving Malaika alimony of Rs 15 crore.

However, news has been spread in the media that Malaika has not demanded any alimony from Arbaaz but the truth is something different.

It was buzzed that Malaika got divorced from Arbaaz because of his poor financial condition. The actor-filmmaker enjoys life on the money of elder brother Salman Khan and this is very disturbing to Malaika. According to a report, Malaika has given sufficient time to Arbaaz to establish himself but he proved failure to stand on his feet. Whereas Malaika earns good amount from shots, ad, hosting and she maintains the exorbitant school fees of their son, Arhaan and she manages her hi-fi lifestyle all alone.

When money is one of the prime reasons of their separation, how one can believe that Malaika has not asked for any alimony from her hubby.

Malaika got the physical custody of their 14-year-old son Arhaan and Arbaaz Khan gets the visitation rights. He can visit his son whenever he wants. Malaika has not asked for any alimony or property.

Their respective lawyers, Kranti Sathe and Amurta Sathe Pathak informed, “The court has granted divorce to Arbaaz and Malaika, which was filed on mutual consent terms.” Malaika has full custody of their son Arhaan and Arbaaz has been granted complete access to his son whenever he wants. The model-actress has neither asked for alimony nor property”

Separated in March last year, the couple has filed for divorce on November 8. They attended their first counselling session three days later. They were then given a mandatory six-month waiting period to reconsider their decision of ending marriage.

They couple were married for the past 18 years.