Armaan Kohli gets bail in illegal foreign liquor possession case

After staying one night in police custody, former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Armaan Kohli gets bail in illegal possession of whisky at home. He was present before the court today in the morning and the court allowed him to go home on a bail of Rs 20,000.

Talking to, Senior PI Rajesh Bhapkar who arrested him, said, "Armaan was allowed to go but only after he shelled out Rs 20,000 for his bail. We had kept him with us throughout the night after we arrested him last evening." Was he aggressive and rude, we asked? "Well, he maybe what he is, but he has done something illegal for which he needs to be punished. We found exactly 41 bottles of Scotch in his house after we raided. Aur haan, there were 35 empty bottles too. Itna saara allowed hi nahi hai."

He was arrested by Mumbai police for illegal possession of 41 Scotch whisky bottle. The actor was booked under section 63(E) of Bombay Liquor Prohibition Act, 1949, and if found guilty, he could go behind the bars for three years, with a fine.

The actor was arrested late night by police and he was interrogated by the officials at the Excise department in Bandra. The police interrogated him in order to known the exact cost of the bottles as most of them are purchased from abroad.

As per law, one cannot store more than 12 alcohol bottles at home, but Armaan had stored over 41 bottles and most of them were foreign brands.

This is not the first time Armaan Kohli got into legal trouble. In June, this year, he was arrested for beating girlfriend Neeru Randhawa. She filed police complaint against Armaan Kohli and a case was registered under section 326 IPC against Armaan. He was arrested and later released on bail.