Arbaaz Khan attends ex-wife Malaika’s mom’s birthday

Arbaaz Khan and his estranged wife Malaika Arora maintained a cordial relationship post seperation. Though Arbaaz Khan and Malaika called it a quit, the estranged couple has been spotted in various ocassions together. It was not too late when Malaika and sister Amrita rang in father Anil Arora’s birthday and now the Arora sister celebrated their mother Joyce Arora’s birthday bash. In both the birthday, Arbaaz Khan made his presence felt. It was a family affair but Arbaaz was very much part of Malaika’s happy moment.

The picture of Malaika, Amrita, Arbaaz, Joyce Arora and is doing all the round.

Arbaaz looks dapper in a black suit while Malaika  looked stunning in a deep-neck black top and tight jeans.

Speaking about her separation from ex-wife Malaika, Arbaaz was recently quoted as saying, "Malaika Arora and I did attempt to get back for a long time, but unfortunately, we couldn't find middle ground."

Not only Arbaaz and Malaika bonded well after separation but Hrithik-Suzanne, Farhan Akhtar-Adhuna Bhabani also maintained a cordial relationship post divorce.

Malaika and Arbaaz called off their marriage in 2016 and the couple have issued a joint statement declaring their separation.

“We are taking out time to figure out our lives... Yes, it’s true that we are separated, but where our lives go and what transpires between us, it is for us to decide. Wherever it goes from here, we will talk about it when we are ready to,” the couple said in the statement.

“We have maintained a dignified silence till now but it is causing us too much confusion and is disturbing for our families. To put all of the speculation to rest, we are giving out this statement. People claiming to be our friends and sources have been speaking on our behalf giving out wrong, malicious information. They have maligned us for long and we have kept quiet and not said a word as it’s a personal matter between us. We have got a child and our families are involved, but just because we have not said anything till now, it doesn’t give anybody the license to speculate on any rubbish about us,” the statement read. 

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora have filed for divorce on mutual consent. They got married in 1997, and have a 14-year-old son, Arhaan.

Meanwhile, Arbaaz's latest film ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’ hits the screens today. The movie also features Manjari Phadnis and Ashutosh Rana.
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