Arbaaz Khan and Vivek Oberoi finally bury the long-standing feud

It is a well known fact in bollywood circles that two prominent filmi families, the Khans i.e. Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan have not been on amicable terms with Vivek Oberoi since the last three years. The rift occurred when Vivek Oberoi went to the press telling all about Salman Khan’s notorious behaviour with him. The fight of course was due to Aishwarya Rai, who was then seeing Salman and later Vivek. However Vivek recently made the first move towards peace between himself and the prominent Khan family, when he visited Salman Khan’s mother in hospital while Salman was in jail. Now the Khan family too wants to bury the long-standing feud and hence Arbaaz Khan has agreed to work alongside Vivek in a film.
Director Ahmed Khan is a family friend of the Khans and he also knows Vivek very well. Ahmed Khan is directing Fool and Final with Vivek Oberoi and felt that there was also a character in the film that only Arbaaz Khan could carry off. At first Ahmed Khan was apprehensive about even asking Arbaaz to play the role in his film, but later he decided to go ahead with it. Ahmed says “I knew it would be difficult to get anyone from the Khan family to work with Vivek. But to my surprise Arbaaz willingly agreed. Even Vivek was more than happy at the prospect of working with Arbaaz.”

Arbaaz Khan clarifies that he is only doing the film because of his strong friendship with Ahmed. Says Arbaaz ‘I want to make it very clear that I am working in this film for Ahmed Khan as he is a dear friend and thought that I suited the character completely. Even after he told me that Vivek is in the film I did not mind. I think one should not carry grudges and anyways whatever had to be said has already been said. We are definitely not the best of friends, but I am anticipating a healthy and cordial relationship on the sets.” Arbaaz also claimed that it was no point in talking about what has happened in the past as the three concerned people Aishwarya, Salman and Vivek have all moved on with their own lives.

Arbaaz Khan also stated that Salman had no problems with him working with Vivek. Arbaaz stated that the Khan family appreciated Vivek and his family’s effort to bury the hatchet when they visited his ill mother in hospital. Arbaaz claims it was a noble gesture on Vivek’s part. However even to this day Arbaaz feels that he was not wrong in defending his brother and that Vivek had overreacted at that time. But Arbaaz is a sensible guy and knows that in the film industry everything changes with time and hence both the actors too, have to put the past behind. Arbaaz strongly believes that with time one has to forgive, forget and move on in life and that is exactly what he is doing.