Apoorva Lakhia saves David Dhawan’s life

Director David Dhawan and his family can’t find any words to thank director Apoorva Lakhia who proved messiah for David on Friday night. On Friday, at Bunty Walia’s wedding reception, the director left home after taking insulin but four to five hours passed, his stomach was empty and he forgot to take any sweets. Following which his condition deteriorated and he collapsed.

Apoorva Lakhia who was present at the party the very moment rushed David Dhawan to Lilavati hospital. Back home on Sunday morning, Dhawan told TOI, "Apoorva was wonderful. My family and I can't thank him enough for what he did."

Reliving the Friday nightmare, he said, "I went to Bunty's party after taking my insulin injection for my diabetic condition. But I forgot to take the compulsory sweet thereafter. Four to five hours passed and my stomach was empty. Suddenly, I started shivering and broke out into a sweat. My wife arrived after ten minutes. In the meantime, I was fed some chocolate. At Lilavati tests were done immediately. All is well now."

Apart from Apoorva and Kunal, no one came forward to help out David at that night. Needless to say, David and his family were very much thankful to Apoorva.

It is heard that his two sons will be visiting Apoorva’s house to thank what he has done for their father.