Anushka, Virat, Malaika condemn Bengaluru molestation

Along with other Bollywood celebrities Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli and Malaika Arora strongly condemned Bengaluru mass molestation.

Anushka in her tweet said, “Women get molested in a crowd. Bystanders watch, no one steps to help. Senseless people comment on women’s clothes and say the cause is late nights (sic). This  ‘known’ senseless people are asked to comment in the first place (why?) making absolutely no positive differance to the situation. Even then their comments are rendered relevant because they hold positions of power in the society . In all this I wonder - why did bystanders do nothing? Whoever stood and watched, is as much at fault as perpetrators. Because the collective conscience of the people could have stopped this from happening.

“So it is not just those men but also us, as a society, that failed on that night. Because today we live in an enviroment where a huge crowd  thinks it’s ok to just stand and watch”.

 “Teach your kids to respect women instead of making sons feel more entitled and important. The world will make them feel that anyway. So save your sons from turning into such beasts. And spare us the grief,” she wrote.

Virat Kohli tweeted# This country should be safe & equal for all. Women shouldn't be treated differently. Let's stand together & put an end to such pathetic acts. Change your thinking and the world will change around you.

“Guys what happened in Bangalore is really disturbing. To see something like that happen to those girls and for people to watch it and not do anything about it, I think it’s a cowardly act. Those people don’t have any right to call themselves men. I have only one question, If something like that happened god for bid to someone in your family, would you stand and watch or would you help. That’s my only question! And I think these things are allowed to happen and people stand there and they watch these things happen and they are fine with it because they think it’s absolutely fine for something like that to happen to a girl just because she is wearing short clothes. It’s her life, it’s her decision and it’s her choice. For men to accept that it’s an opportunity for us to do something like this and get away with it and people empowered try to defend it, it’s absolutely horrible. I think as a society these things are in certain people’s heads acceptable to a certain degree, it’s disturbing and shocking. And I am ashamed to be a a part of this society. I think we need to change our thinking, we need to treat men and women in the same way, be respectful and treat women with some compassion. As I said put yourself in the situation and think what if we were their family members of those girls, how would we feel about it. JAI HIND! (sic)” Kohli said in his video.

On January 3, Darshan Mondkar had written a post on Bengaluru incident and inspired by the post, Malaika Arora Khan shared the same on her Instagram handle.