Anushka Sharma gets a lip job done

The bubbly and effervescent girl of Hindi cinema, Anushka Sharma was spotted with a different look recently. This hot and sexy actress still remains the Bolly beauty, albeit with a fuller pair of lips. So, has she got a lip job done? Nobody is coming outright to say that she has, but most people have commented on the definite change that has been noted in the visage of the actress.

Anushka Sharma debuted with Shahrukh Khan in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' in 2008 and won the hearts of her Indian audience with her portrayal of a vivacious girl gradually recovering from a tragedy and the unexpected direction her life had taken. Her second film was 'Badmaash Company' released in 2010. With her confident performance, Anushka has been able to deliver a stellar performance against SRK in her debut film and against Shahid Kapoor in her second film.

At the present moment, Anushka Sharma is busy with the promotion of the latest presentation of the Yash Raj films, 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan'. It is during these promotions that the actress was seen to sport puffy lips. As a source close to her remarked, “I interact with her on a daily basis and was surprised to see her full lips. She has done a lip job for sure”.

As the promotion tour of the new Yash Raj film progresses, the source remarked, “I saw her through the shooting schedule and then during the film’s promotion, but never spotted such puffy lips ever before. I was surprised by that sudden change.” But given the number of Bollywood persona (including the men) who has gone under the Surgeon’s knife, Anushka’s move does not come as a real surprise.

There is also some speculation, are the lips the only place that has received the tender treatment? Her nose too appears to be somewhat differently contoured. Chances are high that Anushka had gone under the surgeon’s knife to bring about the subtle changes. The new fringe which is the part of her new hairdo may actually just be a clever ploy to distract attention from the fuller lips. After all, the hair and the lip made their grand entrance together.

The actress has now completed her shooting for 'Matru ke Bijli ki Mondola' and is preparing to start shooting for her next project. It is 'Peekay' by Rajkumar Hirani.
anushka sharma
anushka sharma