Anushka Sharma talks to NDTV about Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma recently expressed disappointment with the censor board of India. In an exclusive talk to NDTV, the actress attacked Pahlaj Nihalini, the new chief of sensor board. Most importantly, she has given a sharp retort to all those who have been blaming her for the poor performance of Virat Kohli.

To start with, Anushka has expressed open criticism on the censor board. The actress says, “Why should we have to be scared of the censor board? Censor board is infringing on creative liberty. I am afraid censor board’s restrictions will affect originality of cinema. It’s scary that one person can decide the fate of our films. Why censor brutality & abuses? We are depicting reality which is far worse. It’s been very frustrating to reason with this censor board. We have complained to Information and Broadcasting Ministry against interference by censor board. Why not have a wider ratings system instead of censor board? Level of intolerance in censor board very scary; it’s narrowing the creative world. Why the hypocrisy of allowing double-meaning dialogues and not uncomfortable reality?”

While Virat had blown kisses in front of everyone while he was out in the field, Anushka has kept their relationship personal for a very long time. She recently opened up before the media regarding this matter and now the lady has made bold statements. Last year, Anushka had accompanied Virat in the England tour. The actress was the very first to be blamed for Virat’s poor performance. She was surrounded by controversies, that she was the one responsible for her boyfriend’s flop show on the field. Anushka is rather annoyed with such rumors and has given a solid answer to people who hold such opinion. The actress said in the interview, “Why should I be responsible for Virat’s performance on the field? It is primitive to call me his distraction and blame me for his performance! Virat has no impact on my professional performance and I don’t have on his. Why doubt Virat’s capability? Give him credit for what he has achieved.”

While Anushka defended the film industry and opposed the censor board, Bollywood had to bear her negative opinion too. The actress said that the film industry is an unequal world for men and women. This is clearly seen in the difference between actors’ and actress’s pay. She was scrutinized for her lip enhancement, “Would they have asked a man the same?”- she asks.