Anushka Sharma, Sakshi Dhoni went to the same school in Assam

The game of cricket not only connects Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni but they are connected to one another in another way. It is learnt that Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni went to the same school in Assam.

Since Anushka and Sakshi belong to an army background, they moved to various places in India during childhood. While they were posted in Assam, Anushka and Sakshi Dhoni (earlier Rawat) attended the same school together in Margaretta in Assam. On Sunday, a popular fan posted pictures of the two at different stages of their lives. In one of the pictures, Karnesh, Anushka’s brother was also seen.

In an earlier interview, Anushka spoke about her reunion with Sakshi years after graduating. “Sakshi and I lived together in a very small town in Assam. When she told me where she lived, I said wow, I have lived here too! She said I went to this school, I said I went to this school too. And then I found a picture in which Sakshi is dressed as a fairy and I’m dressed in a ghaghara like my favourite idol Madhuri. Sakshi is extremely funny.”

Anushka Sharma is romantically linked with Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli for several years, while Sakshi got married to MS Dhoni married in 2010 and blessed with a daughter, Ziva.