Anushka Sharma angry over lip job report

Countless women have taken advantage of modern medicines to supply a few additional touches to their beauty. It seeks that Anushka Sharma – the latest Bollywood beauty is now swelling their ranks. Since her appearance in Jab tak hain jaan, the fuller lips of the actress have been the talk of the media. There was also a rumor that the actress had got both a lip job and a nose job done. However, Anushka is not at all happy about the speculations going on about her so called lip job. She thinks it is a private affair. hullabaloo

According to a source who worked closely with the actress in Jab tak hain jaan, “I interact with her on a daily basis and was surprised to see her full lips. She has done a lip job for sure.” 

“I saw her through the shooting schedule and then during the film’s promotion, but never spotted such puffy lips ever before. I was surprised by that sudden change,” the source added.

Since then Bollywood gossip has remarked on the fuller lips of the actress several times. At a recent award function at Macau also, the luscious lips caught media attention. However, the perky actress is not relishing the spotlight at all. According to a friend of Anushka, "Anushka is feeling the heat now that people can't stop talking about her lips. It has become a subject of much discussion wherever she goes, even when she is being requested for photographs, her mouth gets the maximum attention."

When asked to comment, Anushka said, "I have read this and you want to make me feel uncomfortable (by asking this)... This is a highly personal question. I don't believe in these things and I have always said that I don’t need to.."

"I am not a fool that I will go and get my face changed in the mid of my career. I would have done it from the first film had I have wanted to do so,” she adds.

The actress is now shooting her next film Peekay by Rajkumar Hirani. A source speculated that having puffed lips may be a requirement for her next film.

Well; even if she did get the lip job, there is nothing to be so upset about. Her contemporaries like Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty are also rumored to have come under the scalpel.