Anushka Sharma: All set for ‘EXPOSURE’!

Anushka Sharma is on cloud nine with her blockbuster success ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ in her career list and excitement upon recent upcoming film, ‘Matru ki Bijlee Ka Man Dola’. This young and successful actress is not wasting any more time resting at home and is very busy in the promotional process of the new film. She was seen in a recent event where she attended for promoting her upcoming film. She looked stunning and sexy in the Anarkali suit that she was wearing. The suit had a bare back and the actress was flaunting to the joy of the viewers and the fans.

 This sudden ‘back-exposing stunt’ will be clearer to the audience once they have viewed the trailers of the recent movie ‘Matru ki Bijlee ka man Dola’. This movie is going to see many daring bare bodied acts by this young actress. Not only this, Anushka will also be seen locking lips with the co-star of this film Imran Khaan. For starters, Anushka will be posing for a bikini scene in this movie. The film, by Vishal Bhardwaj, will show a scene where this actress has promptly shed all that she is wearing for cover and takes a dip in a pond wearing certain scanty clothes. To the added happiness of all the boys, in this movie Anushka is also going to flaunt a tattoo that she has inscribed in her back.

 This particular tattoo has been the topics of many discussions recently. The tattoo reads ‘Dekho Magar Pyar Se’ has been applied on the lower back portion of this actress.  It is highly visible when she takes all her clothes off and goes to the pond for a bath. Sources say that during the shoot of this particular scene, the crew members gathered themselves around and started blowing whistles once the actress was done with the scene. Anushka plays the role of Bijlee in this movie.

 The director, Vishal Bhardwaj is a hard core ‘to-the-script’ person. He will not compromise anything if it is present in the script. Anushka knew this pretty well. She obliged all the demand of the director and took off all the scenes with extreme ease.  Hence, the outcome is what exactly Vishal wanted- a heroine rising out of the water just like in James bond movies.

 What other shocking things this actress has in store for the viewers is still a mystery and will be revealed when the film is released.