Anushka bonds with Arjun Kapoor

Actress Anushka Sharma and Bonny Kapoor’s son Arjun Kapoor has opened a new chapter of friendship in the tinsel town. These days Anushka is seen bonding with the debutante. It he latest rumor is to be believed Anushka might share a screen space with the new actor for Yash Raj banner.

The duo recently spotted at a dinner. Says a source connected with the studio, "Even though Aditya Chopra, Habib Faisal (director of Arjun's debut film Virus Diwan) and a few other friends were present at this outing, Arjun and Anushka were chatting and laughing as if they've know each other for years."

The two actors got to know each other through common friend Habib Faisal. "Habib was involved in the writing of Band Baaja Baarat, so Anushka knows him well.

Arjun has also become very friendly with him since he is directing Virus Diwan. So he's like a catalyst in their friendship," explains our source.

Anushka and Arjun also call up each other very often.