Anurag Kashyap opened his clothes and tried to force me, Payal Ghosh

Actress Payal Ghosh accuses filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct. She alleged that Anurag forced himself onto her. According to Payal Ghosh, Anurag misbehaved with her way back in 2014 but she doesn’t have any proof of the incident.

Anurag Kashyap was shooting for ‘Bombay Velvet’ at the time the incident happened. The actress zzzzzsaid that she first went to meet Anurag with her manager. She said, "It was a good, positive meeting."

Anurag again called her at his house, he cooked good food for her, "It was a nice meeting," she said.

Payal said that Anurag called her again to his house. She thought that it's important to meet people from the industry so she went again to his house. She said, "In the second meeting, Anurag took me to his room and opened his clothes and tried to force me. I told him I am not comfortable right now, so he said everyone does all this. Slowly, slowly he came near me. He tried and failed and somehow I convinced him that I am not comfortable today. He tried but, as I said I am not comfortable, he said, 'Okay. But the next time you come, be prepared.' And I said okay sir and left his house. Later, he messaged me but I didn't reply."

When Payal was asked why she has decided to speak after so many years, she said, "I tried to say it before also, when the #MeToo movement had started, but my family and friends stopped me. 'You can't talk, your career will be spoiled,' they told me. I posted about this also, tagging Anurag, but deleted it."

When asked if she has any screenshots of her chats with Anurag from 2014, she said, "I don't have any screenshots as the incident happened in 2014."

She added, "It was like a baggage for me but now I am relieved that I said it. This thing came out when I was giving an interview regarding Sushant Singh Rajput's death and drugs. So, I shared my experience in Bollywood."

When asked if she will file any legal complaint against the filmmaker, she said "Will only file a complaint if my family supports me. Have not decided yet." When asked if she has received any threats, she said, "Mujhe threat call wagarah kuch bhi nahi aaya hai."