Huma Qureshi not involved in Anurag-Kalki's break-up

In the tinsel town, link ups and break ups happen with batting of an eyelid. After director Anurag Kashyap and his actress wife Kalki Koechlin separated in November last year, Anurag was alleged to have an affair with actress Huma Qureshi. However, recently both Anurag and Huma have trashed the rumor of their affair.

Kalki wrote on social networking site, Twitter that her separation with Anurag Kashyap had nothing to do with Huma Qureshi. Even Anurag Kashyap said in an interview that Huma was being “targeted”. Huma also issued a statement rubbishing the rumor of an affair with producer-director Anurag Kashyap.

For quite some time the buzz was that Huma was having an affair with Anurag Kashyap. The buzz got stronger when Anurag was seen hugging Huma at a function.

Anurag later said in an interview, “People run only one-sided story and it's very disturbing. Such rumours are not affecting me or Kalki but it is affecting Huma's image. Huma is being targeted.”

Anurag also talked about the click in which he was seen hugging Huma. He said, “When we went for the screening, photographers wanted to click us together. I said you guys will click our picture purposely and will run your own story and that's exactly what has happened.”

Anurag said that he had heard a lot of fake stories about himself on various networking sites. So, he has decided to leave Twitter. Anurag said, “I have always maintained distance from media because I read so many fake stories about me. After reading so many stories, even we stopped meeting. I am even going to get out of Twitter.”

Later Huma also released a statement. The statement said, “For the record, I am friends with both Anurag and Kalki. A few days ago, when Kalki came for the premiere of my movie, we hugged each other warmly. It's surprising that me hugging Kalki doesn't get noticed by people, but when I meet Anurag, we are having an affair?!”

On Tuesday, Kalki twitted, “Jesus Christ can we please leave Huma alone?! My problems with Anurag have nothing to do with her!”

Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin issued a joint statement in November last year asking for privacy and denied that they were divorcing. They took a break from 2 years of marriage. Before Kalki, Anurag was already married and divorced his wife before marrying Kalki.