#MarchforIndia: Anupam Kher leads 'Intolerance' protests march

Anupam Kher, Madhur Bhandarkar and many others eminent personalities of India joined in the #MarchforIndia movement against the ‘intolerance’ row. People gathered at the National Museum in Delhi to lead the match to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Kher claims that the idea of the march is to reinforce that India is a very tolerant country.

Speaking to ANI, Kher said, "We are secular people, (but) we don't believe in pseudo-secularism or selective outrage. Every country goes through problems but nobody has the right to call our country intolerant".

"Our message to the honourable President Mr Pranab Mukherjee is that India is a very tolerant country", Kher added.

The veteran actor insists that the intolerance debate is to slander the image of the country and PM Modi led government at the centre.

He wrote on Twitter#We have our issues but We live in a Great country. India is our journey & our destination. Let's tell the world today that #IndiaIsTolerant.

#Patriotism gives us a feeling of self worth. Join us on this historical day at National Museum, Janpath at 10am.:) #MarchForIndia

Anupam Kher cited Kashmiri Pandits example of tolerance. "No Indian can tolerate when the nation is being insulted on a global level and there are those who are doing that right now. They feel that ever since the new government has come into power, the nation has plunged into a state of intolerance. This is not a fresh atmosphere. What about the Emergency, the Kashmiri pandits' exodus and the riots? What is today's level of intolerance being compared to?" Kher asked.

"What can be a bigger example of freedom when on a daily basis you are saying things against the nation? There are those who have come out and openly expressed their dislike for the Prime Minister. The press has been given unmatched freedom to say whatever they want. I respect everyone's views, but when someone slams my nation and insults it on an international level, it angers and saddens me," Kher said.

Raveena Tandon also supported Anupam Kher's #MarchforIndia movement.