Anupam Kher and Irrfan Khan in tussle of words

Bollywood is a strange place where it takes no times for friends to turn enemies and then to turn friends again. Such an incident recently took place at a five star hotel in Mumbai. The occasion was the curtain raiser of an upcoming award ceremony.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher and Irrfan Khan were nominated for the same award category for their performances in the films ‘Special Chabbis’ and ‘Lunchbox’ respectively. Trouble started brewing when Anupam Kher was asked to comment on the nominations. A blunt Anupam said that he wanted to talk only about his film, as he commented, "I would only like to talk about myself, so its only going to be about Special Chabbis."

Visibly this remark and attitude didn’t go too well with the actor Irrfan Khan, as he rightly stated that, "Cinema is not about applauding only one's own self. I disagree with Anupam's viewpoint. We need to praise others too."

However, Anupam being a senior actor took Irrfan’s comment as an insult and responded by saying, “Applauding yourself is important. I am known to be politically incorrect. I have been in the industry for 30 years, and it is important to appreciate your own work.”

Anupam soon realized his folly and to make things easier between the two, commented that, "This is totally out of context. I teach students when to applaud and who to applaud. I have a high regard for those who are nominated in any award function."

Later when Anupam was enquired by the reporters about the incident he tried to brush it off as a joke and said, "My sense of humor should not be misconstrued as a judgment on other people's work." He also added, "However, I took the comment in my stride and later went and gave Irrfan a hug."

Both Irrfan and Anupam are well known actors in Bollywood who are excellent role players. They have both done a number of international projects and made Indian cinema proud. It is good to know that they could overcome the petty differences between them and bury the hatchet. Incidentally the two have been last seen together in the film ‘Apna Asmaan’ in 2007. It would be great to see the two powerful actors in a film together again. Irrfan’s latest film ‘Gunday’ is getting released on 14th February 2014. We wish him all the best.