Anu Agarwal has not watched 'Aashiqui' yet

As Aashiquihit the screens and is continuing to do a roaring business, rather shocking news have come to light about the 1990s blockbuster Aashiqui. People still remember this movie whose music remained one of the most popular ever produced in Bollywood. It is said that only ‘Two things that came out of Aashiqui — the music and Anu Agarwal.’ And it is now known that Anu has never watched the film or the role that vaulted her to the world of stardom almost overnight.

Everybody remembers the model with the soulful eyes who debuted in Mahesh Bhatt’s Aashiqui with so much flair. With her candid nature, she soon began to personify a more radical viewpoint. Anu recalls that a friend once told her, “You were the only girl who wore short skirts, smoked Marlboro lights in public, never had anyone in the industry to back her, was completely intellectual and blatantly honest.”

But Anu Aggarwal had never pursued such notoriety or even a career in Bollywood. She reveals that it was Mahesh Bhatt who had pressurized her into doing the role. As Aashiqui became superhit, more work came her way and she became firmly established in a career that she never wanted in the first place.

Anu is currently writing her biography, describing her rise to fame and life after that. In it, she has described how she came to do the famous role. She writes: Mahesh Bhatt looked at me and said, “You are a star,” and I said, “Where? In the galaxy?” And he said, “You should act in movies.” And I said, “Movies? What Hindi movies? I don’t even watch them.”

Seven months later he called me and said, I’ve written a script for you. I said, “Me? You don’t even know me, what have you written.” And he said, “If you don’t do it, I won’t make it. The name of the film is Aashiqui.”

But the fame proved too much for the reluctant actress. She got tired of the fans and the negative press and after completing all her projects, she disappeared from Bollywood in 1995. In 1999, she met with an accident which left her in coma for 29 days and paralyzed for 3 years. It is only recently that Anu has returned and is writing her biography. She reveals, “I haven’t seen Aashiqui yet. I think I should though, I haven’t done that yet,” but she will probably not be able to relate to it any more.