Ants all over Aamir's body

Aamir Khan who was missing from his blog for a long time had a massive encounter with ants some nights back. He woke up the next morning opened his blog and soon began to type his last night bizarre experience of ants.

He started as, "A few days ago, I had a very bad night. I had this vague feeling of being bitten. Gradually, I was being bitten on my stomach, legs and neck. I was so sleepy that I just kept scratching, turning and tossing. Finally, it got unbearable, and I woke up - to see my bed filled with ants."

"There were hundreds of them crawling all over! I had to jump under the shower and then went and crashed on my couch. Can't figure out for the life of me how they got there and why? I guess they found something really sweet on that bed, and since K (that's how he refers to his wife Kiran Rao) was out on a night shoot (for her directorial debut Dhobi Ghat starring Prateik Babbar), I am assuming it was me! Isn't it amazing how ants find their way to the unlikeliest of places? Maybe I should dig a moat round my bed", he wrote on his blog.

Due to his hectic schedule, Aamir could post on regular basis. At the end, he apologized his fans for being away from blogging.