Anshula is back from hospital, confirms father Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor’s daughter Anshula Kapoor is back from hospital after a routine check-up. She was admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital. Her homecoming news was shared by Anshula’s father and producer Boney Kapoor.

Boney Kapoor said, “Anshula was in hospital for routine tests and a check-up. She’s in fine health and now back home. All those worried about her can stop stressing.”

Updating further on Anshula’s health, he said, “You see, Mr Dilip Kumar was also admitted into the same hospital when my daughter was there. Hence the photographers’ presence was stronger than ever. But like I said, it’s all good. Anshula is home and healthy. Touchwood.”

While in hospital, she was visited by her half-sister and actress Janhvi Kapoor and father Boney Kapoor.