Ankita and I don't talk to each other, Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput refuted the rumour that he is still in touch with his former love Anita Lokhande. He made it clear that he and Ankita are no longer in talking terms. “We don’t talk to each other, but she did tell me about an interesting project which has come her way. I was very happy for her and wished her luck,” he says.

Sushant also clears the air of dating his ‘Raabta’ co-star Kritis Sanon. He says, “All of them are false. I don’t take things that are written about me too seriously.”

The actor is least bothered about his personal life making headlines. “I had posted a photograph with Parineeti which went viral and everyone concluded that I was dating her. People want excitement in their lives, but I have a Teflon coating around me which has made me immune. I don’t want my personal life to interfere with my work. Besides, people who hire you don’t care about frivolous stuff such as this,” he signs off.

The hole in their relationship first evident when the actress was missing from Sushant’s birthday bash, hosted by the Moranis. Ankita’s absence did not go unnoticed but guests present at the party assumed that he was a simple lover’s tiff. But when went deep into the matter, it is confirmed that Sushant and Ankita called off their relationship.

The last time Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput were spotted was at the Zee Cine Awards 2016. Soon after that Sushant made solo appearance in all the events he attended.

After break-up, Sushant also moved out of their love nest and shifted to his new abode.

What drifted the couple apart is not yet confirmed but Ankita’s over-possessive nature is touted to be one of the reasons while a source close to the couple insists, “They have simply grown apart. It happens. When they started they both wanted similar things. They both had dreams. But somewhere along the way, Ankita was just content doing nothing while his career took off. I think that is where the disconnect began”.