Ankit Gera hopeful of re-entering Bigg Boss house as wild card

Tele vision actor Ankit Gera who was shown the door in the first week of ‘Bigg Boss 9’, is hoping to re-enter the house as a wild card entrant. His exit came as a surprise not just to the actor, but to the viewers as well. However he put up a brave face and said that the “game is still on” for him.

"I am totally shocked that I am out of the house in one week. I still cannot believe that I have been evicted first. For me, the game and show is still on. Maybe wild card thing. I hope Bigg Boss gives me a chance again. I am not even signing up for anything for the same reason," media reports quoted Ankit as saying after coming out of the Bigg Boss house.

Ankit, who was seen in television dramas like ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya’ and ‘Maharakshak Devi’ said that if he got the opportunity again, he will re-enter with a game plan.

"I was being sweet and friendly to everyone inside the house in week one. But I guess that's not the right way to play the game. Everyone inside is being fake. So if I enter the game again, that will be a different Ankit. I will also scream, shout, fight, do everything," said.

“Everybody is there to win, everyone wants to show their superiority and fight. I will not take names but the whole idea is that everybody is against everybody,” he added.

A DNA report quoted a source from the production house as saying that Ankit will be sent back to the house soon. "The makers will definitely send him back inside the house soon. Ankit was not spicing it up at all and maybe this time, he will be more interesting to watch."

Given that his ex-girlfriend Roopal Tyagi was also his co-contestant, it was expected that there will be some high drama. Roopal and Ankit started dating each other while they were working together for the soap ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’. But the pair eventually broke up as Ankit was allegedly two-timing her with another actress.

In the past week, Roopal was seen talking to her partner that Ankit is trying to bring up the past to create issues in the house.  On this the actor remarked, “I think she should have told me if I was digging the past because everybody saw what I was doing. I was being in my own territory. I’m not a person who will keep negativity and spoil the present. If she is thinking like that, it’s her point of view.”

Meanwhile, Roopal was seen weeping inconsolably after Ankit’s exit from the house. Roopal and Digagana were also among those who nominated Ankit and Arvind Vegda’s pair for elimination.