Anita aka Shagun of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ abused by fans

The popular television soap ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ seems to be losing its popularity among the viewers due to the new twist in the plot of the story. The series of late has been receiving a lot of flak from its fans who started a trend #RIPYHM on Twitter.

Featuring actors Divyanka Tripathi, Karan Patel and Anita Hassanandani in the key roles of Ishita, Raman and Shagun respectively, the show has introduced a surrogacy twist in the plot. Unable to carry a baby, Ishita and Raman look for a surrogate mother. Raman’s ex-wife Shagun who was the vamp of the show but has become a changed person now, volunteers to carry their child.

It appears that this storyline didn’t go down well with the viewers who started sending hate messages, and the brunt is being borne by Anita who plays Shagun’s character. Apparently fans are not happy with the change in Shagun’s personality.

Some netizens voiced their disagreements and their hatred for the surrogacy twist and started abusing the actress on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Anita too didn’t stay quiet and gave a piece of her mind to all her haters. She responded by saying that they did not have any right to comment on her personal life and relationships. When some twitterattis kept bad mouthing Shagun, Anita said she did not have a problem with people hating Shagun.

She pointed out that Anita and Shagun were not the same person. The fictional character of Shagun has always been evil and manipulative one, and she accepts it. But, ‘Anita’ should not be attacked for Shagun’s misdoings.

Anita is correct in saying that people have to understand that actors only play characters given to them. Slamming actors for the characters they play on screen is not justified.