Anita Advani’s charges summons Dimple and family to court

On the wake of the yesteryear superstar Rajesh Khanna’s death, certain unsavory gossip about him became rife. It was concerning a certain Anita Advani who claimed that he had been Kaka’s live-in partner. This has spelled trouble for the actor’s family.

Anita Advani filed a case against his family asking for maintenance as she had been his live-in partner. This Thursday a metropolitan court asked his family members to appear before the court in connection to this case.

Anita Advani also complained of domestic violence carried out on her by Rajesh Khanna’s family members. Magistrate S S Deshpande on hearing the case recommended both the sides to settle this matter affably. He also spoke of referring this case to a mediator.

The time thus has been extended to the 4th of December. Dimple Kapadia, her two daughters Twinkle and Rinki and her son-in-law, actor Akshay Kumar have been summoned to the court on that day to hear about their view on settling the matter.

The magistrate has also made it known that if both the parties do not agree for a settlement he will hear the case and give his judgment within a month.

In the petition, Anita has accused Rajesh Khanna’s family of throwing her out of the bungalow named “Aashirwad”, where she lived. Thus she has filed the case under the Domestic Violence Act. She has thus asked for protection under the act, and has asked for access inside the bungalow which is situated in Bandra.

She has claimed to have been living in that house since 2003 until now. Following Rajesh Khanna’s death in July, she had been evicted out of the bungalow by his family. This has thus attracted domestic violence charges.

Anita Advani has also challenged the will that is known to have been executed by the actor himself before his death. But according to her, he has not left behind any sort of a will and has indicated that it has been forged by the actor’s family. She has suspected his family to have gained the impression of his thumb for the will when he was not capable of understanding anything due to his ill-health.

She has asked for financial relief as maintenance from Rajesh Khanna’s estate. She has appealed that she lived with Kaka in a “shared household”. The term has been defined by law as under the section of Domestic Violence “as a place where a man and woman live as husband and wife” and hence entitling herself to the maintenance charges.