Anita Advani claims Rs 50 crore as damage from Khanna's family

With Rajesh Khanna’s demise came into the forefront the personal bits of his life which was hidden from his fans for long. Everybody knew that his wife was actress Dimple Kapadia, but what none knew was that he had a live-in partner named Anita Advani. Light was shed on it by her, only after Kaka’s (the superstar, lovingly is known by this name) death due to cancer.

Anita Advani is the only person who has been claiming this. She said that she had been Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner for nine long years. This Wednesday she moved court, causing trouble to the Khanna family. She has been apparently asserting that she had been meted with domestic violence carried out on the part of Kaka’s wife Dimple Kapadia, his two daughters Twinkle and Rinki, and also Twinkle’s husband actor Akshay Kumar.

Anita’s identity had been until now entirely kept under cover. Her claiming rights over Rajesh Khanna and his house overnight have caused enough embarrassment and turmoil to the Khanna family.

She filed a petition at a metropolitan court in the city of Mumbai. Anita claims that she had been forced to leave Kaka’s bungalow Aashirwaad where the duo lived and that this forceful throwing out falls under Domestic Violence Act. Manohar Shetty who has been appointed lawyer by Anita says “My client has demanded Rs 10 lakh maintenance per month, Rs 10 lakh for causing mental agony and physical assault and the possession of Aashirwaad. If the court cannot give the house, then she wants Rs 50 crore as damage or a premise of the same level in the same area. The notice has already been served to Khanna’s family and the hearing of the case is on November 27.”

Khanna’s family has not commented on this issue as of yet, but Anita said “I can’t talk much about it because the matter is sub-judicial. I am not even in a mental state to say anything. I am just getting along, though life has been difficult.”

When questioned why she took four months to move court after Kaka’s death, she said “I was picking up pieces of my life. I was not well, I was depressed and devastated.”

When asked if she has been able to forgive Rajesh Khanna for barring her out of his life at the last moment, she said “I don’t know if he shunned me or was made to shun me. He may have been manipulated.”