Animal lover John Abraham berates man for hitting a dog

John Abraham is an ardent animal lover and has worked with several animal protection organizations. However John recently proved in time of need that he is really an animal lover. Recently when John saw a man pelting stones at a dog, he was extremely upset, but like most celebrities would he did not just walk away from the situation. Instead John got out from his car and calmly berated the man for doing such a cruel and inhuman act.
John was traveling for his shooting and en route he saw a man hitting stones at the dog, he was extremely irritated on seeing this site. He calmly accessed the situation and confronted the man. The man was obviously star struck and kept gaping at the actor. John even inquired about the reason for the man hitting the dog. He then learnt that the man was upset that the dog was dirtying the area. John maintained his cool and briskly asked the man that since many people dirty the roads, should they also be hit for this. He went on to firmly berate the man saying that just because animals can’t fight back, we mustn’t hit them. John lectured the man for around ten minutes. Onlookers had gathered around to get a glimpse of John and the actor was even obliging and shook hands with many of his fans.

The man who was pelting stones at the dog was so ashamed that he even apologized for his beahviour. John made sure that the man would not hit the dog again and then got back into his car. John’s film No smoking is all set for release, currently an item song from the film featuring him and Bipasha is on air. About the film John says “I think smokers and their girlfriends and wives should definitely watch the film.” In fact John says that one of the best ways now for a person to give up smoking is to watch ‘No Smoking’.