Anil Kapoor helps out daughter

Anil Kapoor is a proud father today as his daughter Sonam Kapoor is receiving rave reviews before the release of Delhi 6. Now he is helping out his younger daughter Rhea Kapoor who is in the production line and more interested to work behind the camera. Rhea assisted Ayaan Mukherjee in Wake Up Sid for Dharma Productions but not satisfied and as she wanted some more exposure. Now the Kapoor lass will assist papa Anil in his next home production in the desi remake of Jane Austen's Emma starring Sonam Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor admits, "Yes, Rhea is now involved with our home production. She feels she has the necessary experience. She is a fast learner and has picked up the ropes while working in Karan's production house. Unlike Sonam, she is not interested in working in front of the camera."

Anil’s three children are equipped in different departments of filmmaking. If elder daughter Sonam is an actress then son Harsh is a director-to-be (learning scripting and directing in LA presently) and  Rhea has  already put forward her step into filmmaking. When asked how come all his three children took up film as a career, Anil replied, "It wasn't planned like that. It's just where their interests lay. I encouraged them to follow their interests."